Wise words from Albert Adrià

« I believe in the team, the team is what I protect, not the individual. In fact, I think that they are giving a little too much voice to chefs. Shut up and work…It is a formula that has always worked very well for me.” Albert Adrià, Chef’s Table, season 5… Wise words…what do you guys think about super star status for the chefs? Can it be the start of the end of the creative process when chefs become rockstars, travelling from one award ceremony to the other…going to media events inbetween?


Venice…not a tourist trap after all…if you go to the right places

Dear friends, I have always feared the prospect of travelling to Venice, Italy, because of horror stories of tourist traps charging ridiculous amounts of money for average food and bad wines. So, to my great surprise, I had a fantastic experience there last week… possibly THE greatest experience so far in Italy. Valentino on the Lido island was fab for traditional, simple Italian with a wine list that blew me away…including beautiful, older Barolo’s….and at super cheap prices (for the wines we had) Dinner at Belmond Hotel Cipriani was excellent, easily exceeding their current 1* status… Do you have similar experiences with other places where you feared bad quality and ridiculous prices but where you had pleasant surprises?

Christian Bau 3*, Perl-Nennig, D

Absolutely amazing meal in the best company, warm welcome, great staff and a fabulous, generous chef… What more can one wish for?

Cooking becomes art in this restaurant inside a castle near the German-Luxembourgish border. Only the best produce is used to create stunning dishes with beautiful, complex flavors. Without doubt one of Europe’s finest.

L’Air du Temps, Belgiums next 3*?

Sanghoon Degeimbre and his team never cease to amaze. Ever since they moved to the beautiful countryside location in Liernu, somewhere between Brussels and Namur, they have grown and evolved to become one of Belgiums finest restaurants, if not THE finest.

The restaurant has undergone a thorough refurb, putting all the attention on the beautiful garden…rightfully so BTW as the vast majority of the produce used in the kitchen is grown here. Through the large glass windows you look out onto thousands of flowers, herbs, plants and fruits…patiently picked, preserved, dried and prepared by passionate gardeners and cooks. The restaurants sound system plays back sounds recorded in the garden…totally wicked.

I didn’t think it was possible after over ten delightful visits in 2017 but cooking has yet again hit a higher level…world class level. Indeed, never before was the balance in every dish so perfect, the flavor complexity so spot on… The tasting menu is like a perfectly executed symphonic masterpiece…breathtaking, moving, unforgettable.

This restaurant does something to you…it takes you on a journey…it tells a story, about food, about terroir, about harmony between man and nature… Please, take me back!


News from the boys at Hertog Jan

1. The current location is no longer for sale, the negotiations came to an end. Instead, the building and gardens will be used as a high end event location for corporate events, weddings, babyshowers etc….

2. L.E.S.S. Their second restaurant is due to move from its current location (the first HJ location) to the center of Bruges, and later on a second one will be opened in Ghent, including a bakery and wine shop…

3. The current L.E.S.S. Location will be the home of a new concept, high end traditional (Flemish) cooking…

Very exciting times ahead for Gert and Joachim!

Belgian newspaper article

Thank You

No great restaurant without great staff… Just over a week ago I took this picture in an almost deserted Ritz in #London In the background you can see the staff of the fine dining restaurant hard at work after a busy evening service, to get the tables set up for breakfast the next morning. This picture is a tribute to all the men and women in the hotel and restaurant business who go the extra mile day after day to make our experience as their guests truly unique. #thankyou

Radical decision from Stephane Decotterd from 2* Le Pont de Brent in Montreux, Switzerland

Stephane Decotterd, the chef of 2* Le Pont de Brent near Montreux in Switzerland made a radical decision, he from now on will only cook with ingredients from his terroir… he feels it’s his duty to do so, as a chef and as a human being, aware of the ecological challenges ahead. So no more fish from the sea, but local catch from the lakes and rivers around the restaurant, no more exotic fruit but delicious local berries, apricots, pears etc… I applaud this decision, especially because his terroir includes plenty of beautiful and tasty ingredients.

Le chef doublement étoilé, Stephane Decotterd annonce un changement radicale dans sa cuisine du Pont de Brent, près de Montreux en Suisse, dorénavant il cuisinera plus qu’avec des ingrédients locaux. Par conviction que la durabilité de son activité en dépend. Donc plus de poissons de mer, plus de fruits exotiques. Qui travaille déjà de cette façon au Luxembourg, qui cuisine majoritairement ou à 100% avec des produits issus du terroir local, voire de la Grande Région…??? Qui ose suivre cet exemple car ce n’est pas les ingrédients de qualité qui nous manquent…

La communication de Stephane Decotterd