Thank You

No great restaurant without great staff… Just over a week ago I took this picture in an almost deserted Ritz in #London In the background you can see the staff of the fine dining restaurant hard at work after a busy evening service, to get the tables set up for breakfast the next morning. This picture is a tribute to all the men and women in the hotel and restaurant business who go the extra mile day after day to make our experience as their guests truly unique. #thankyou


Radical decision from Stephane Decotterd from 2* Le Pont de Brent in Montreux, Switzerland

Stephane Decotterd, the chef of 2* Le Pont de Brent near Montreux in Switzerland made a radical decision, he from now on will only cook with ingredients from his terroir… he feels it’s his duty to do so, as a chef and as a human being, aware of the ecological challenges ahead. So no more fish from the sea, but local catch from the lakes and rivers around the restaurant, no more exotic fruit but delicious local berries, apricots, pears etc… I applaud this decision, especially because his terroir includes plenty of beautiful and tasty ingredients.

Le chef doublement étoilé, Stephane Decotterd annonce un changement radicale dans sa cuisine du Pont de Brent, près de Montreux en Suisse, dorénavant il cuisinera plus qu’avec des ingrédients locaux. Par conviction que la durabilité de son activité en dépend. Donc plus de poissons de mer, plus de fruits exotiques. Qui travaille déjà de cette façon au Luxembourg, qui cuisine majoritairement ou à 100% avec des produits issus du terroir local, voire de la Grande Région…??? Qui ose suivre cet exemple car ce n’est pas les ingrédients de qualité qui nous manquent…

La communication de Stephane Decotterd

Back to basics…in Amsterdam: Café Rijsel

Sometimes it’s just all about going back to basics. Café Rijsel is just that. Plus a fabulous, affordable winelist for the real wine afficionado. Dishes inspired by the Flemish and Northern French (French Flanders) kitchen in a laid back environment, an old warehouse in the hearth of Amsterdam South. Open kitchen, charming, personal service and fab wines. What else? A must visit when in Amsterdam!!!! The grilled baby chicken is pure delight. Carefully brined, perfectly seasoned, grilled on the rotisserie and finished in the oven. Juicy, moist, packed with delightful flavours….pure delight!!!!

A visit to Victor’s Fine Dining by Christian Bau 3* in Perl-Nennig (D)

It is not a coincidence that Christian Bau got the ‘Chef of the Year 2018’ title from GaultMillau Germany. For many many years he’s been working literally day and night to make his cooking one of the best of the world. Excelling in the creation of Japanese/French masterpieces which stand out by their perfect balance and complexity, this cuisine will lead you to 7th heaven after just a few bites. The extensive winelist includes an amazing offer of German Rieslings and more than a few hidden gems…at very reasonable price levels. In short, a foodie and bon vivant paradise….