Back to basics…in Amsterdam: Café Rijsel

Sometimes it’s just all about going back to basics. Café Rijsel is just that. Plus a fabulous, affordable winelist for the real wine afficionado. Dishes inspired by the Flemish and Northern French (French Flanders) kitchen in a laid back environment, an old warehouse in the hearth of Amsterdam South. Open kitchen, charming, personal service and fab wines. What else? A must visit when in Amsterdam!!!! The grilled baby chicken is pure delight. Carefully brined, perfectly seasoned, grilled on the rotisserie and finished in the oven. Juicy, moist, packed with delightful flavours….pure delight!!!!


A visit to Victor’s Fine Dining by Christian Bau 3* in Perl-Nennig (D)

It is not a coincidence that Christian Bau got the ‘Chef of the Year 2018’ title from GaultMillau Germany. For many many years he’s been working literally day and night to make his cooking one of the best of the world. Excelling in the creation of Japanese/French masterpieces which stand out by their perfect balance and complexity, this cuisine will lead you to 7th heaven after just a few bites. The extensive winelist includes an amazing offer of German Rieslings and more than a few hidden gems…at very reasonable price levels. In short, a foodie and bon vivant paradise….


New Stars Michelin Belgium Luxembourg 2018…

No new 3*

NEW 2* for

Boury, Tim Boury, Roeselare

La Source, Ralf Berendsen Eric Bullens, Neerharen

Vrijmoed, Michaël Vrijmoed, Gent

NEW 1* for

Fani, Roberto Fani, Roeser, Luxembourg

Altermezzo, Jo Grootaers, Tongeren

Brasserie Julie, Thomas Locus, Sint-Martens-Bodegem

Goffin, Timothy Goffin, Sint Kruis, Brugge

Carcasse, Anthony Snoeck, Hendrik Dierendonck, Sint-Idesbald

M Bistro, Mattias Maertens, Nieuwpoort

De Vork van Luc Bellings, Hasselt

Oak, Marcelo Ballard, Gent

Chambre Séparée, Kobe Desramaults, Gent

L’Ecailler du Palais Royal, Maxime Maziers, Brussel

Zet’Joe by Geert Van Hecke, Brugge

Bistro Racine (Braine-Le-Château), Jimmy Collodoro, Jean-Marie Bucumi

Dôme (Antwerpen), Frédéric Chabbert

The Butcher’s Son (Antwerpen), the chef thanks Michelin for their reconaissance of ‘artisanat’

#michelin #belgium #luxembourg

05:07pm: Michael Ellis on Belgium and Luxembourg: there are no rules, all kind of restaurants in cooking style and size….he loves it…. (finally) #michelin #belgium #luxembourg

05:05pm: Michael Ellis sees the following trends: 1. locally sourced ingredients; 2. younger and younger chefs 3. smaller teams in the new restaurants today…. Wow, maybe they finally got the message #michelin #belgium #luxembourg

05:04pm: Michael Ellis: 18 new editions in the world this year #michelin #belgium #luxembourg

04:56pm: Hommage to a legend, 42 years of Michelin *, 15 years of 3* Jean-Pierre Bruneau #michelin #belgium #luxembourg

04:54pm: Michael Ellis about to come to the stage

04:48pm: announcement Young Chef Belgium and Luxembourg 2018: Jo Grootaers, Altermezzo, Tongeren #michelin #belgium #luxembourg

04:42pm: announcement Lady Chef of the year 2018 #michelin #belgium #luxembourg Katleen Vanderbeke (TERMINUS)

04:39pm: speech of main sponsor METRO about the metal signs that are reintroduced, to announce the star(s) of a restaurant on the wall outside

04:30pm: we start…opening speech by the regional Michelin boss

Here we go….Michelin Belgium/Luxembourg 2018…. #belgium #michelin #luxembourg