Ryodo, Japanese Fine Dining finally arrived in Luxembourg

Except for London, it’s always a challenge to find proper Japanese fine dining in Europe. Luxembourg has had to live with mediocre sushi restaurants, often prepared by non-Japanese chefs and with Western styled flavours. This has finally changed with the opening of Ryodo by chef Ryodo Kajiwara.

Ryodo used to work at the 1* French restaurant Clairefontaine in Luxembourg before setting up his own place in the quiet and residential area of Merl (Luxembourg City). The restaurant interior has been beautifully refurbished with extreme attention to detail, transforming it into a cosy fine dining temple, offering place to some 30 guests. There is also a counter where Ryodo San prepares the sushis and sashimis, with a limited number of counterseats, currently unavailable due to Corona restrictions.

There is a choice of à la Carte and set menus, including a tasting menu, an all sushi menu and a vegeterian menu, ranging from 59 EUR to 87 EUR. For lunch there is a really nice Bentobox option at 37 EUR. On the wine and saké list, there’s a nice selection of beverages to accompany your meal. Needless to say that the carefully chosen sakés are the best match here.

Ryodo San is not only a highly skilled chef, he is also obsessed by the quality of his ingredients. Always looking for the best, he just will not settle for anything less. A5 Wagyu, beautiful fish and seafood…what else could one wish for? Ryodo San transforms all these top notch ingredients in absolutely delicious dishes, based on the highest standards and traditions of Japanese cooking.

In the pastry section, we are treated to highly refined desserts, elegantly combining Japanese and French influences.

Needless to say that this restaurant has quickly become a new hotspot in Luxembourg. I am convinced that this will also be like this for a very long time to come. Ryodo San has just started his promising culinary journey with his restaurant and no doubt that the future looks very bright for this talented chef!


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