First restaurant with a 18.5/20 GaultMillau score in Luxembourg

“Essentialism! This is probably what best characterises the cuisine of Chef Cyril Molard. He never ceases to surprise us with his culinary evolution, which is reaching a crescendo of finesse and emotion. It seems so simple, but with so much work behind each product, each dish, that it is almost Franciscan: ‘greatness in simplicity’…” This is how GaultMillau describes the cuisine of Ma Langue Sourit in its 2023 guide. For the first time, a restaurant in Luxembourg has been awarded a score of 18,5/20 in the yellow guide…and rightfully so.

In this charming restaurant, located on the edge of the forest in Moutfort, only a few kilometres away from Luxembourg city and the airport, chef Cyril and his team have been relentlessly working to create a magical place that brilliantly combines craftmanship, high level cooking and a deeply rooted passion for hospitality. As soon as you enter the restaurant, you embark on a journey of culinary delight… A festival of texture, colour and flavour will awaits… What are you waiting for? Come to Luxembourg!

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