L’Air du Temps, Belgiums next 3*?

Sanghoon Degeimbre and his team never cease to amaze. Ever since they moved to the beautiful countryside location in Liernu, somewhere between Brussels and Namur, they have grown and evolved to become one of Belgiums finest restaurants, if not THE finest.

The restaurant has undergone a thorough refurb, putting all the attention on the beautiful garden…rightfully so BTW as the vast majority of the produce used in the kitchen is grown here. Through the large glass windows you look out onto thousands of flowers, herbs, plants and fruits…patiently picked, preserved, dried and prepared by passionate gardeners and cooks. The restaurants sound system plays back sounds recorded in the garden…totally wicked.

I didn’t think it was possible after over ten delightful visits in 2017 but cooking has yet again hit a higher level…world class level. Indeed, never before was the balance in every dish so perfect, the flavor complexity so spot on… The tasting menu is like a perfectly executed symphonic masterpiece…breathtaking, moving, unforgettable.

This restaurant does something to you…it takes you on a journey…it tells a story, about food, about terroir, about harmony between man and nature… Please, take me back!


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