City Trip to Lisbon

What we liked:

* small scale of the city center, you can walk to most places

* amazing offering of small bars and restaurants, great design and very well kept

* proximity of the sea

* very convenient public transport

* proximity of the airport

* lots of bakeries and pastry shops

What we missed:

* a city supermarket, there were only very little ones with a very limites offer of (fresh) products

What not to miss:

*a trip to Cascais, cute seaside village. Approx. 35 mins from Lisbon trainstation. Walk to the natural reserve Boca Inferno, beautiful rocky coastline. Eat at Mar do Inferno, delicious sea food on top of the cliffs.

*a trip to Belèm: by bus, train or tram. Not far from Lisbon. Historical starting point of the boats that sailed out to discover and conquer the world, during the glory days of Portugal as a naval superpower.

* Castelo de São Jorge: overlooking the city, this castle was home to the Moorish occupants (pre 12th century)

*El Corte Inglès: for shopping (not in the least food shopping), on top of the metro station Sao Sebastiau.

*Time Out Food Market opposite the Central Station

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