Kruisherenhotel, Maastricht, NL

This is the textbook example of a hotel that you MUST visit. When it opened in 2005 it immediately created a huge buzz…Indeed, the turnaround from an abandoned former monastery into a design hotel is impressive…The very clever transformation of the former church of the monastery into a combination of lobby, bar and reading room was made complete by the introduction of a floating level hosting the dining room/breakfast area…The rooms, situated around an inner court now serving as a terrace are all designed in a way as to offer guests modern comfort with respect for the historical value of the building. Staff are very friendly and professional and give you a good impression of the level of service expected by the man behind this, and a few other chateaux hotels, Camille Oostwegel. Because of the way they are designed (under the roof) some rooms are not entirely dust free. The noise isolation of the doors towards the corridors can be perfected and the TV’s are a bit outdated and could be replaced by newer versions (with an USB port)…Other than that, this property is very very good. Ideally situated near the main shopping AND nightlife parts of Maastricht, the hotel manages to offer you a relatively calm and relaxing experience. My top pic in this beautiful city.
TOP: Building, design, location, staff, breakfast

ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT: Multimedia and WiFi. Noise from the corridors 

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