It’s an extremely exciting time for chef Sanghoon Segeimbre, his main restaurant is now more beautiful and successful than ever after three years at the new location, SAN in Bruxelles is doing very well and is seen a welcome new concept in food land, a pop up on the roof of a building in Brussels and more exciting projects to come up. 

The chef is on a roll and it shows in his plates too. Once again, a stunning lunch… Once again, completely new dishes and two ever changing interpretations of chef’s signature dishes of lobster and, of course, the vegetables from the garden with the lactofermented juice. Today’s meal was flawless. Perfect balance, technically perfect, beautiful flavors. Top. 

The vegetables, herbs and flowers from his own garden, carefully looked after by the ‘incountournable’ Ben, the gardener are always a top feature of this place. Today though, it was even more special as chef had set me up a very pleasant surprise, a tête à tête with Irène Braas, a motivated young lady whom I met in London whilst visiting Hedone where she was part of Mikael’s kitchen team. Now, many years later, I arranged her a stage here and after two weeks of hard work in the garden, Irène was offered a lunch by chef to actually taste the creations made with all the beautiful things from the garden, before starting the kitchen part of her stage. Lunch with a surprise guest…me 😉 So it was really cool to hear the stories from the garden.

Service was superb like always and the wine and juice pairing, another top feature of this restaurant, was spot on. It always me how stable the team here is and how well informed they are about the ingredients and preparations. 

No wonder that over the coming months a series of four hand dinners will be announced to celebrate the 20 years of L’Air du Temps, be prepared…the names will be totally awesome. 

Definitely one of Belgium AND Europe’s finest… 


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