Paul Bocuse/Collognes-au-Mont-d’Or/F/3*

This was the restaurant I really did not want to go to, for years and years I tried to resist fearing the unpleasant confrontation with a cooking style I qualified as outdated, a culture of over flattered adoration of a chef well passed his ‘use by date’, formal front of house staff with no sense of humor and a dining room full of Asian tourists… 

But then came today, invited by a friend who, knowing my passion for fine dining, insisted on me visiting the legendary restaurant of Paul Bocuse. An institute of French gastronomy, honored with 3 Michelin stars for over 40 years (since 1965), a truly impressive performance in itself. 

As a newcomer, I was warmly recommended to take the tasting menu, a collection of signature dishes of the chef, some dating all the way back to 1975 like the epic ‘soupe aux truffes VGE’

What I had the privilege of tasting was really amazing. Classic French cooking hardly gets better than this. Yes, you are surrounded by people who are almost all eating the same menu, giving it a bit of a theme park dimension but boy is this food good!!!

Service is flawless and the wines are fabulous, with a choice out of over 20.000 bottles (not references). 

I’ll let you enjoy the pictures that speak pretty much for themselves. No regrets about today’s visit. I will be back!

Respect to you Monsieur Bocuse!

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