Quatre Mains Loic Villemin & Cyril Molard

What happens when you bring together a talented young chef and a talented, slightly older 😜 chef? Right, you get one hell of a menu, culinary firework. That’s exactly what happened at the Quatre Mains dinner of Loïc Villemin (Toya, 1*, Faulquemont, F) and Cyril Molard (Ma Langue Sourit, 1*, Moutfort, L). Both chefs prepared a series of bites and dishes, and each chef choose one ingredient that the both of them had to transform into their personal creation. Quatre Mains are no guaranteed success but this one was of very high level. Both chefs have similar cooking styles and managed to come to a very well balanced, almost harmonious menu. Tonight was all about having fun, sharing experiences and most of all about delightful culinary creations. Thank you Loïc and Cyril!

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