Bistro Bruut, Bruges, Belgium (Chef: Bruno Timperman)

So I was in Bruges for a few hours and with barely more than a half hour for lunch, I decided to go and visit my good friends Bruno and Bas Timperman at Bistro Bruut. 
I wasn’t about to regret it and neither would I soon forget my visit. 
What Bruno served in his ‘lunch menu’ blew me away.
From the pickled red onion with mussels to the absolutely FAB smokey mushroom with foie which he served as small appetizers to the deliciously creamy eel and kohlrabi starter, followed by the 20/20 Cod, purée and cabbages main to end with his famous sorrel Icecream/Tarte Tatin interpretation….Amazing. 
Today’s meal was really characterized by smoothness and overall balance. Especially the main dish was world class cooking. 

Bruno, you did it again! 


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