L’Air du Temps is Sanghoon Degeimbre’s 2* restaurant situated between Brussels and Namur (Belgium). 

San’s cooking is light, creative and full of flavours. I admit, this is not without risk and yes, every now and then something can seem unbalanced or out of place, but hey…that’s a risk I gladly take at this exquisite restaurant.

Not today though, today we were served a real feast. Absolutely amazing cooking…consistent top level from appetizer to mignardise. Super!

Du très très grand San as they say in French…impressive. 
Skillful preparations based on the treasures from their own garden and from regional growers and producers. Real culinary masterpieces without ever getting lost in overly artsy fartsy posh show cooking. 
This restaurant also excels in paring the great dishes with herb infused water (through ultrasound extraction). This combined with a few glasses of well chosen wine made this once again a memorable experience.


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