Refined contemporary Italian dining at Antonio Guida’s recently opened Seta. 

Seta is situated in the splendid Milano Mandarin Oriental hotel which opened its doors late July of this year in a former bank building. 

One has to admire the work that has been done here. The result is beautiful. 

Next to the lively bar, we find the fine dining restaurant of the hotel, Seta. 

We opted for the tasting menu which gave us a pretty good insight into the culinary universe of the chef. 

As you can see from the attached pictures, we were treated to a series of tasty, colorful dishes. Everything remained well within safe territory but who would blame the chef for playing it safe in the early days of this new restaurant?

Very nice wine list and good service, even though it could be more passionate and personal. 

For sure recommendable if you’re looking for high-end fine dining with great wines in a beautiful setting. 


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