Willem Hiele: passionate terroir cooking 

Willem Hiele and his wife Shannah are the 7th generation of the same family occupying this former fishermen’s house.
Cosy, living room dining with the chef cooking just next to you in an open kitchen…you can’t get a more intimate foodie experience than this…The chef comes at your table to give you some background about ingredients and preparations, but never in the snob way of some big restaurants…it’s more about sharing his passion…
Almost all fruit and veg come from the adjacent garden and orchard. Willem also breeds his own delicious chickens. On a sunny day make sure to take a tour 😉
A huge ancient fireplace dominates the dining room. Chef Hiele uses this fireplace as much as he can for his tasty, seasonal preparations.

Willem is proud of his heritage and terroir and it shows in his culinary creations. A main ingredient, a limited number of additional textures and flavors…delicious… Willem traditionally cooks a lot with fish as his restaurant is located a few miles from the sea.

Lady of the house Shannah does not only excel in making you feel very much at home from the moment you walk into the door, she also surprises you with perfect winepairings and non-alcoholic drinks to go with her husbands creations.
Make sure to book well in advance given the limited number of covers…

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