I’ve said it many times before, we are truly culinary blessed in Belgium…and what’s even better…that goes for the whole array of eating out…from fries and snacks all the way up to 3* fine dining…
Today, we tasted the delicious bistro cuisine of chef Stijn Bauwens at Bistro De Kruidenmolen in Klemskerke, between Ostend and Bruges. 
Stijn prepares some of Belgium’s classic bistro dishes with his own personal touch. Classics like croquettes, pig’s trotters, stews etc are hugely popular here. 
A lot of chefs come to eat here, not only because this is one of the few restaurants open on Monday, the traditional closing day for the industry…but certainly also for the food, food that gives you a feeling of coming home to pure traditional culinary delight. 
His wife Veerle is in charge of the front of house and serves customers in a relaxed, professional but most of all friendly way. 
If you’re in for some of the best preparations of Belgium’s bistro cuisine…book your table here!! 



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