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A place full of history…and great food: La Paix/David Martin/1*/Anderlecht (B)

Brasserie La Paix/David Martin/Anderlecht (B)/1*

This beautiful brasserie opposite the former Anderlecht meat market/slaughterhouse is a historic place. It opened its doors in 1892 and was a favourite amongst butchers and meat wholesalers for decades. They would come in, early in the morning for their sandwich (pistolet) with minced meat (gekapt) and a pint of world famous Geuze to wash away the adrenaline and excitement from the market. It has been in the same family for generations.

Today, David Martin is behind the piano in the kitchen. His wife, Nathalie is in charge of the spectacular traditional dining room and even her parents still help a hand. David has worked in a few well known restaurants, like Bruneau.

The restaurant offers two main options: the refined and technically perfect cuisine of David and the grilled meats that have been served in this iconic place for over a century.

We opted for the first and from the photos you will see the pure delight that we have been served…of course accompanied by some of Belgium’s finest beers! Light, elegant dishes in which David perfectly integrates some Japanese elements…memories of a trip to the land of the rising sun in a not so long ago past…

At the end of my meal, the Chef took me down to the basement to show me where he aged the beautiful cuts of beef served in his restaurant…a nice experience and a real honour. For sure, this is what I’ll try during my next visit….the sooner the better actually 🙂

Despite the fact that the chef is French, it does hardly get more Belgian than here…a must visit if you want to be able to say ‘I have been to Belgium’