Hotel Schanz in Piesport (D): pure culinary delight, spectacular German wine list…breathtaking views. 

Hotel Schanz is a family run hotel with a 2* Michelin restaurant situated in the fabulous Piesport (at the bottom of the unique natural Piesporter Arena). On top of that, the family is also producing some seriously good wines.

Cooking style is modern French, using mainly local ingredients. Nice, creative dishes that are matched with some of the best German wines you can choose from the extensive list. 

What is really incredible here is the pricing of the wines. Some of the older vintages are announced at prices that are unbeatable by current day retail prices. Real bargains to be done here. 
Book a room and let your stay last a bit longer, go for a walk in the absolutely beautiful surroundings and take a tour of the local wineries. After all, this village has the biggest concentration of top appellations in the whole of Germany. 


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