Sleeping in a former church in Yerseke (NL)…: super experience, amazing hospitality and a warm welcome…

Absolutely fabulous place to stay in Yerseke. Of course a stay here must be combined with some fine dining and great produce. Make sure to pay Zee/Land/Zilt a visit (walking distance) and Interscaldes (5 minutes drive)…. Let the owners take you on a tour of the premises, which they have transformed, with their own hands, from a former church into their home, a bed and breakfast, meeting rooms and…to be continued….it’s already pretty impressive but once the last steps of the refurb will be finished, it’s going to be AMAZEBALLS….The surroundings guarantee you lots of walking and cycling fun with spectacular views on the Schelde river’s estuary and if you’re a seafood lover you will just go crazy as this is Holland’s lobster, mussel and oyster center. 

In the morning, the owners prepare you an awesomely delicious breakfast with lots of love and fresh fruit 🙂
Last but not least, it was truly magnificent to stay with such open, friendly and welcoming people…a true gem…
Must go when visiting Holland!!!

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