Quite recently, chef Jonsson announced his decision to change the concept of his much acclaimed Chiswick (London) based Hedone restaurant. The restaurant is to have less seats, going from 40 covers to just 18 and the cooking is to become individualized, table by table. Needless to say that we were very much looking forward to our visit. 
We were warmly welcomed by hostess Aurelie who led our party of six to our favorite table, just next to the pass with great views on all that takes place in the buzzing open kitchen. With chef Mikael plating just a few feet away. 
As usual we opted for the Carte Blanche menu which is, for now, still priced at a very reasonable 125£ pp. We also went for the wine pairing at 110£ pp. 
To start we received a series of nibbles of traditionally high standard. The new creation of Fish and Chips with mushy peas was stunning. A delicate crisp, with a stick of beautiful cod and the rich pea dip got us all very excited. The traditional umami flan (ouch, I forgot to take a pic) was made with Parmesan this time and was equally stunning. 
The starters of crab, oyster and scallops were once more a perfect illustration of what it’s all about in this restaurant. Top ingredients cooked to perfection in dishes that are simple to understand and tasty, with a beautiful complexity but always perfectly balanced. The only point of discussion we had at our table is the slight dominance of the Amontillado foam with the scallops. The oyster dish on the other hand, was one of the very few dishes with caviar I’ve eaten were the caviar really works perfectly well and has a real uplifting effect. 
The main of hare was excellent too in large part thanks to the sauce which was just simply out of this world…soooo good. 
Of the two desserts my preference went to chef’s interpretation of Tarte Tatin which had a very nice sweet and sour taste. 
We had another great meal at this restaurant and I can’t wait to go back!!! Thank you Mikael and Aurelie.


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