The Jane/Antwerp/B/Sergio Herman-Nick Bril/1*

Sergio Herman is what I would call the ultimate chef, he is the embodiment of culinary and hospitality perfection. This probably pushed him to the limits and beyond of what a human being can deal with and so he decided to boldly close down his 3*, Oud Sluis. To reinvent himself, to surprise the world with a new, broader concept, bringing his perfection to all aspects of the dining experience. 
So, one has to understand that the idea of this restaurant was not to replicate Oud Sluis. No, the idea here was to create the ultimate restaurant experience for foodies and regular diners alike….in an exceptional setting…and boy did they succeed!!!!
Both the exterior as well as the interior of this completely refurbed former chapel on this old military site are mind blowing. 
From the moment you walk in, you are literally sucked into the magical experience as you are led into the dinning room by the charming hostesses. 
Tables are carefully located in the huge space, offering everyone enough privacy and a nice comfort zone to lay back, relax and venture off on a unique journey into the world of Sergio and Nick. 
This is one of the places where the attention for detail is really everywhere…and specifically also in the aperitifs. So, go for one of the cocktails that certainly are among the nicest I ever had. 
Another great thing about this restaurant is the menu…and its price…100€ for 8 courses and a seemingly endless selection of appetizers and mignardises is a bargain…wine prices are very reasonable too.
Flavours from all over the world, clever compositions, balanced and tasty, never overwhelming. They are in a way the perfect reflection of what Sergio and Nick’s philosophy are…you feel their open mind, their passion for traveling and discovering food from near and far in the plate…and you see that an international team of top professionals is playing culinary Champions League here, day after day. 
As in the past, nothing is out of balance, nothing looks out of place. From the brilliant first Indonesian nibble which had amazing depth of flavour over the delicate, full lobster dish to the hare and of course, last but not least, the stunning apple desert of Jaclyn, the talented young patissière…everything was exactly what it had to be…perfectly executed food that created a perfect symbiosis with the interior, the staff, the music, the atmosphere. 
Well, boys and girls…you definitely nailed it…very very good meal, exceptional location and charming staff. Great job Nick and Sergio!!!! 
Not sure that Sergio’s life has become easier, as he maybe would have hoped, this man is just so driven by perfection that he’ll always be living at 200 miles per hour 😉

A unique experience. I’ll be back!!!




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