Okay, so yesterday was a bit hectic… it’s time to look back at the list of OAD TOP 100+ Europe and I would also like to send out some congrats to the chefs on the list I had the pleasure to meet once or more than once and who give their everything with their teams to satisfy their (demanding) customers day after day…respect to you: Kobe Desramaults (#4), Quique Dacosta (#5), Frank Cerutti/ Louis XV (#6), René Redzepi/Noma (#9), Couillon Alexandre/La Marine (#14), Gert de Mangeleer / Hertog Jan (#21), Thomas Bühner/ La Vie (#22), San Degeimbre / L’Air du Temps (#26), Herr Harald Wohlfahrt/ Schwarzwaldstube (#27), Chris Bau / Schlossberg (#30), Elena Arzak (#33), Albert Adria / Tickets (#38), Emmanuel Renaut/ Flocons de Sel (#39), Tim Raue (#40), Syrco Bakker Pure C (#41), Jean-François Piège – Page Officielle(#55), Mikael Jonsson / Hedone (#60), Brett Graham / The Ledbury (#65), Nicolai Nørregaard and Rasmus Kofoed Kadeau (#66), HKK (#75), David Toutain (#92), Atsushi Tanaka (#96), James Knappett /Kitchentable (#100) (and all the chefs who didn’t make it into the top 100)

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