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Consistency check: Great meal again @ Bruut in Bruges, B

After a first impressive meal at Bruut in Bruges, I was keen on going back to see if this restaurant could really be as good as I thought it was….A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of dining at Bruno and Bas Timpermans’ restaurant for the second time…Once again, I enjoyed a menu that was creative, well-balanced, consistent and original. Lovely pickeled carrots, grilled mackerel, beets and scallops, cauliflower and cod, venison, and a deliciously bold desert made for another most interesting and delightful experience. The harmony of textures, flavors and visuals was spot on.

This restaurant really stands out in Bruges…which does not mean that my other favorite restaurants in Bruges have all of a sudden become boring, but Bruut is by far the most original one of them all… You can feel that the chef almost has a religious, strong bond with the ingredients he uses. He’s passionate about working with seasonal ingredients, sourced locally….and he does so in a very clever way. There is no point in me writing much more about this really, as I already feel that I am repeating myself when I think back at what I wrote after the first visit…everything has been said…just enjoy the pictures…and try to visit Bruno and Bas ASAP! A truly great restaurant and a must visit in Bruges! www.bistrobruut.be

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