Next week, the new Michelin Guide for Belgium/Luxemburg is presented. No predictions, just a few thoughts. First thought, almost 13% of restaurants in the 2017 edition held at least one star, that is a lot. Partially it’s due to the high quality of Belgian gastronomy, but Michelin is also very reluctant to take away stars, blocking the way to recognition for a series of young talented chefs. Second thought, the entrepreneurial climate has changed for Belgian chefs, fiscal changes, labour regulations and difficulties to find staff all have a serious impact forcing chefs to change the concept of their restaurant. Last year there was general disappointment as Michelin did not take this into account at all in its star attribution. Third thought, young chefs setting up a business on their own too often focus on too high end cuisine, all wanting to achieve a star ASAP, restaurants where you can eat simple but good hearty food are on the decline. Finally, Luxembourg is still overlooked as a fining dining destination, a bit sad because things are starting to move in the good direction! C U on November 20th for the release of the 2018 guide.

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