Porte 12, Vincent Crepel: Creativity and structured culinary rock and roll in Paris

Boom Badda Bing…as a trained foodie, that is what comes to my mind after my meal at Vincent Crepels Porte 12 in Paris. Creativity and structured rock and roll…

Behind a discrete door you enter into a world of light and culinary enlightenment. Set in a former lingerie atelier, this restaurant is another great example of how Paris can be the ideal environment for scholars of great European chefs to set up shop on their own. Do note how the tailor-made lamps are a creative ‘clin d’oeuil’ to the past as they are shaped like ‘corsets’, pieces of fine lingerie that used to be made here.

Vincent, a scholar of the late Benoît Violier and André Chang, and his team work in a tiny open kitchen overlooking the light flooded dining room. He creates dishes that are surprising, perfectly balanced and tasty. If you eat out a lot, like we do, then this type of restaurant is exactly what you are looking for… It’s so satisfying to be surprised with original creations and new angles on ingredients, like the Jerusalem Artichoke consommé which was served with the brilliant Comté/Viande des Grisons dish…Probably one of the best cheese dishes ever for us, together with the epic Stilton dish at Restaurant Vrijmoed by this other natural talent, Michaël Vrijmoed.

Swift service and adventurous wine list complete the experience…a must do in Paris if you want to push your culinary boundaries in the most pleasant of ways.



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