Michelin predictions BELUX 2017

Wild guesses for Michelin BELUX 2017 this Monday, based on my visits and ‘expert’ opinions from my network 😂😂😂 (have no idea for Wallonia, sorry):

Bon Bon (Stéphanie Christophe Hardiquest)

Boury (Tim Boury)

Table d’Amis (Beudaert Matthieu)

Vrijmoed (Michaël Vrijmoed)

La Paix (David Martin LA Paix)


Willem Hiele

Bruut (Bruno Timperman)

Souvenir (Vilhjalmur Sigurdarson)

Oak (Marcelo Ballard)
This is totally unreliable and unimportant but soooo much fun…. Let’s hear what you guys think….

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