Pieter D’Hoop is a talented food photographer from Brugge (Bruges), in Belgium. I first met him during Flemish Food Bash 2 in Oostduinkerke. He immediately impressed me with a series of pictures of both food and people that caught the atmosphere of the event in a brilliant way. So I decided to take a closer look at his work…

After his start as an independent photographer, Pieter quickly started focussing on food and restaurant photography. He soon developed his very own style, which is defined by extreme attention to detail and a very straightforward approach of the dishes and settings he’s been shooting. You actually get the feeling that you could pick up your fork or spoon and just start eating away at the dishes in his pics.

Pieter had the pleasure and privilege to be a fly on the wall in many Belgian and Dutch restaurants, which at times allowed him to be a silent witness to the fantastic dynamics of how a restaurant works and operates from dawn till dusk. A great example of this are the unique pictures below, which he took at one of Belgium’s 3* restaurants, Hertog Jan, where he was following both the front of house staff and the kitchen team during a whole day.

It goes without saying that Pieter is also a foodie and a very creative home cook. We will most certainly see much more of his work in the near future as he has some very nice restaurants lined up for future shoots.

Enjoy the beauty of his pics…and if you’re getting hungry, blame him, not me 😉




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