To Tripadvisor or not?

 I have had many conversations about the pro’s and con’s of Tripadvisor…in conclusion I would say it can give a good indication on the quality of a restaurant or hotel you are planning to visit, but it’s not conclusive at all…Indeed, the audience contributing to this travel site is just too diverse…the chances are too high that they are too much off from your own profille (i.e. preferences, weakspots, etc…).

This being said, do I contribute to Tripadvisor myself? YES!!! I do it to support hardworking chefs and hotel staff who deserve to get credit for their work. Just because the lack of consistency in the reviews, where a brilliant Japanese restaurant can get a bad review from someone just because that person isn’t into Japanese food, really gets on my system…
The more you write the better, people can get accustomed to how you write and evaluate places and the figures on the screenshot just show you what a massive medium Tripadvisor is…

Love it or hate it, there’s just no way around it…you just need to learn how to live with it and use it to your advantage….

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