Kaagjesland, Reeuwijk-Dorp, NL, 1*









 As often, I had known about the existence of this restaurant for quite a few years but it wasn’t till late 2013, shortly after they received a Michelin star that I paid them a first visit. A promising visit but I needed a second to see how they would deal with the new status as one of Hollands fine dining places. 

Last week, I had the unexpected pleasure of visiting Kaagjesland for the second time. How happy I am to  have been back! 
The chefs treated me to a delightful lunch as you will see from the attached pictures. The cooking here has clearly been fine tuned even more, getting to a level that doesn’t leave the slightest doubt about the Michelin starred status. 
High level ingredients perfectly prepared and a wonderful ballet of flavours and textures. Really a flawless meal with tasty dishes, seasonal ingredients and perfect technique. I was quite speechless honestly to find this level of cooking in this rather unknown part of the Netherlands when it comes to fine dining. 
Carla is the perfect hostess giving you a warm welcome and serving you in an efficient and friendly way, the kitchen team deliver consistently good plates that are not only very good to eat but also great to look at…what more to wish for? Oh, I shouldn’t forget to mention the stunning views on the polders. Lovely stretches of dark green grass, farm animals grazing…birds…nature at its best, despite being situated in one of Europe’s most densely populated countries.  
BTW, this area of the Netherlands is very well known for its tree and plant nurseries…as these trees and plants were transported over water, a lot of the properties here are surrounded by lovely canals. Why not combine a meal at Kaagjesland with a nice walk or bike tour? Especially in spring it’s a truly magnificent sight. 

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