Cathy Goedert: a girl with a pastry plan

Things are starting to move in the good direction in Luxembourg…we are not there yet, but I start to see some people who are determined to share their passion, their ambition to bring high level ‘foodie experiences’ to Luxembourg. Today I had the pleasure of meeting a surprisingly focussed young woman with a vision…a pastry vision that is…After working and training with some reputed chefs like Thierry Marx and after spending time with some of the existing ‘patissiers’ of Luxembourg, Cathy Goedert decided to set up shop in one of the ‘gastronomic’ streets of Luxembourg City, the Rue Chimay. She offers a wide array of pastry, cakes and bread. There is also ample space to eat in and have a coffee or hot chocolate. Catering for events is also something Cathy and her team can take care of. At this stage Cathy is focussed on delivering high level, refined seasonal pastry that still remain quite traditional but I am very curious to see if, at a later stage, she’ll dare to step out of her comfort zone (and that of her customers) to surprise us with truly surprising creations that could help put Luxembourg on the international culinary map…. A charming, clever girl to watch for the years to come….









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