Fishworks Marylebone, London

I lost track of the numbers of years that I have been going to Fishworks Marylebone….the concept here is very simple…at the front you have the fish shop with stalls packed with ice and beautiful fresh (shell)fish…you enter the dining room by walking through the shop, allowing you to take a good look at what the fishermen brought in with their boats that day…Caught during the night, on the menu for lunch time…Simple….and brilliant.

The interior is sober and clean. Tables are set close to each other, creating a nicely busy atmosphere…And busy it can be as the restaurant often finds itself packed with people, wanting to eat some of the best value quality fish dishes available in this great town.
A wide variety of dishes can be found on the menu with an emphasis on, yes, fish and shell fish. Furthermore, the day’s specials are up on the blackboard. Another very interesting feature of this restaurant is that the dishes also have a wide enough price range to cater for every customer…you can have the modestly priced cultivated seabass or the posh line caught cousin….(the latter is absolutely brilliant in a seasaltcrust). The same goes for the wine list…a really nice and large selection.
The staff are friendly, efficient and professional giving you all the necessary information to help you choose the right dish and, very important, they also give you a price indication if you go for the ‘by the weight’ specials. Finally, they also let you know about the time it could take to prepare this or that more time consuming dish so you don’t have to miss out on an important meeting…or your fish…;-)
One thing is for sure…I’ll be back…..again and again and again…
Fishworks Marylebone
89 Marylebone High Street, London

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