I hate paying for a bad meal or a bad hotel. It is my mission to share good addresses with like-minded people. In return, I get great recommendations from my network about towns I cannot cover myself. Blogging is an occasional activity for me, I am not a professional blogger and I do not make any money out of this activity.

I am a foodie from Belgium, passionate about Food and Restaurants, with or with out Michelin Stars, new discoveries, ingredient sourcing and background, wine and winemaking.Only the best will do, wether it be a sandwich or a 3* meal, we cannot make any concessions on quality…I visit some 200 places a year, hotels and restaurants. Mainly in Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and the UK (London), but also in Denmark, the Netherlands and France…

My approach is focussed on positivity, I feel it’s not my job to destroy a restaurant on Social Media. If a meal was realy not good, I speak to the chef and try to get my views across….that’s where it ends…This blog is to share the good ones, which does not mean I am ecstatic about every place I visit… 🙂

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